Open Source

Open Source Technologies

Enabling a customized, scalable and secure business solutions

Leverage the advantage of open source solutions to develop your own customized, dynamic and quick to market applications. Our expertise ensures that you have the right set of tools for your business which saves you both time and money

Gallant’s opensource team delivers innovative solutions using opens source technologies. Our team has vast experience in developing user-friendly, scalable and secure solutions using php, AngularJS, jQuery Magento, and a number of other technologies. We empower organizations such as yours with high performance and dynamic applications that fit their business need. We can help you build

Custom Applications

Be it a complex web solution or a simple mobile application, Gallant’s team can help you create tailor made solutions for your business. Our expertise enables us to combines best industry practices with proven technology practices for a smarter solution.


Gallant’s expertise in ecommerce ensures reliable full lifecycle IT services for eCommerce and eBusiness. Our opensource practices addresses supply side and purchase side needs of both retailers and consumer product manufacturers. Added to this is our focus on user experience and design for a smooth consumer experience.

ERP And CRM Solutions

Take advantage of open source ERP and CRM solutions such as ODOO. Gallant software solutions can help you achieve strategic organizational goals with custom solutions crafted to fit your business need. Discover how you can benefit from our Open Source capabilities

Enterprise Content Management System

Gallant software solutioins has deep expertise with CMS’s such as Magento, Drupal and WordPress. We carry out detailed analysis of enterprise content and structure processes for reliable and secure implementation. Talk to us to create your own simple yet powerful CMS solutions.

Gallant software solutions has experience in various open source tools, which enables us to customize solutions according to business need without compromising on quality. We keep you ahead of the technology curve by utilizing the most innovative and cutting edge technologies. Our development practices are crafted to ensure that you save on both time as well as cost. We partner with you to develop solutions to ensure that there is transparent communication at all phases of your solution development.